Making Collagraph Prints por Suzie Mackenzie

Making Collagraph Prints por Suzie Mackenzie

Titulo del libro : Making Collagraph Prints
Autor : Suzie Mackenzie

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Suzie Mackenzie con Making Collagraph Prints

Reseña del editor Collagraph printmaking is an accessible and environmentally friendly way of making striking prints with a unique texture. At its simplest it is a method of printing from collaged plates; at its most sophisticated, it is an innovative and exciting experimental medium. This book is a guide to the technique, with step-by-step instructions for creating and printing simple plates for the beginner, as well as tips, ideas and directions for those with more experience. There is advice on how to get started at the kitchen table; a guide to additional materials and equipment; step-by-step instructions for building collagraph plates and techniques for printing in monochrome using relief and intaglio methods. Biografía del autor Suzie MacKenzie is an award-winning artist printmaker working principally in the medium of collagraph. She now lives and works as a professional printmaker in the Scottish Highlands. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and is held in private collections worldwide.

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